More about Dr David A. Kennedy’s talk on the Turin Shroud that was scheduled for 9 April 2020 can be found on his website www.kingstonhistoryresearch.co.uk  - see “The Turin Shroud and St Raphael’s Church”.


KUTAS is a friendly Society for anyone with an interest in archaeology and history.


We organise regular meetings with interesting talks, social events, and visits to places of interest. 


Members have been involved in practical archaeology, with finds processing and occasional workshops.


Formed in 1969 the Society has a wealth of knowledge and experience, with involvement in archaeological digs and research throughout the Royal Borough.


KUTAS was set up in 1969 by a group of volunteers who enjoyed and wanted to take an active part in archaeology.


It has plenty of friendly, knowledgable and enthusiastic members happy to hear about, talk about, visit, and be involved in archaeology.


 Talks are held in the Main Hall

Surbiton Library, Ewell Road


7:30 for an 8pm start


2nd Thursday of the month

(see programme for confirmed details)

KUTAS has been involved in many archaeological investigations, including excavations in central Kingston.


KUTAS has also run surveys and digs at Tolworth Court Farm, and recently a geo-archaeological investigation beside the Hogsmill River.

Find out more...


The best way to find out more about us is to come along to one of our meetings.



Membership £15 per year


It is only £3 for a visitor,

which includes tea or coffee






Registered Charity No. 277315